A Well-Being Crisis! The Struggle of a Modern-Day Employee

In the Well-Being at Work Study, Steve Hatfield, Jen Fisher, and Paul Silverglate, express the degrading health of employees in the workforce. Because economic value is heavily integrated with employee sustainability, executives want companies to enforce workforce well-being metrics.

The authors advise that workforce health is imperative for the sustainability of their business.  In fact, they state that 85% of organizations feel they should be required to publicly report on the well-being of their employees.

Although many corporations believe that well-being metrics should be required, less than half of these organizations follow through with reporting these statistics. Workers feel that executives do not acknowledge the negative decline of employee health. Most believe their health has either stayed the same or gotten worse.

The study suggests a few solutions to fix the degradation of the modern-day employee. The change needs to come from within the culture of the organization. 7 out of every 10 managers are overworked to the point that they are unable to support their employees. Executives need to become more accountable in terms of the workload they give their workers. The only way to actively combat this crisis is for executives to care about and report on the well-being of their workers.


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