EHS managers often find themselves with only enough time and resources to handle the latest environmental or safety “crisis”.

Graduate and Jooin the Environmental Health and Safety Field

The short-term impact is that the EHS staff often have difficulty in focusing on projects that require planning and commitment of engineering hours.

The long-term impact of “rush jobs” is incorrect reporting, opening up the potential for future liabilities.

To help industry overcome this challenge, PTP steps in to rescue EHS departments by designing customized systems for monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting. Our professionals have helped hundreds of petrochemical and manufacturing facilities with EHS Compliance.

Our Expertise includes:

· Air Permitting and Compliance – NJ RADIUS
· SARA Title III – Community Right to Know: TIER II and TRI Reporting
· Air Emissions Statement Certifications
· Legal Assistance and Enforcement Negotiations
· Safety Program Review
· Fire Safety
· Construction Safety
· Hazardous Waste Management Programs
· Waste Minimization Audits/ Sustainable Development Initiatives
· Integrated Contingency Plans
· Stormwater/SPCC
· Technical Support and Regulatory Research

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