Shipping By Highway/Rail (DOT)

Come find out what’s new under 49CFR HAZMAT Shipping! This course meets the requirements of 49CFR §172.700..

Graduate and Jooin the Environmental Health and Safety Field

We cover General Awareness and Function Specific Training, including classification, labeling, marking, placarding, packaging, loading and unloading, shipping papers, spill response and security.

PTP’s program is structured to serve both initial and refresher training needs. Our program is designed to help the participants use and understand the regulations, through hand-outs, fielding site specific questions and numerous interactive workshops. Maintain your certification as a HAZMAT Shipper. Remember – training records are typically the first thing reviewed by an Enforcement Officer. Training is required every 3 years minimum. Certificates are issued upon successful completion of the program. Based on your needs, we offer solutions for in-house or off-site training. Our expertise includes unique and specialized training with explosive, biohazards, radioactive hazardous materials.

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