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Not only are compliance assessments a requirement under certain OSHA regulations, but they are also a viable part of a sound environmental, health and safety program.

Examples of our compliance assessments include: PPE assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Process Safety Management, Third Party Audits, HAZMAT Inspections, Permitting Compliance Audits.

For formal compliance audits, our team approach is as follows:

  • Pre-Site Visit informational gathering via questionnaires and other correspondence.
  • Site visit to review documentation and conduct a full site tour.
  • Prepare our findings for in-house review.
  • Prepare the formal report, including regulatory citations and working documents for modifications.

Compliance audits can include as much or as little of your operation as you require. We will work within your budget. Whatever you desire, the benefits outweigh the upfront expenses.

Please note: PTP can also assist with incident investigations.

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