And Then What? Forward thinking on Environmental Protection and Safety in the Workplace

On July 10, 1990 – 30 years ago – I officially opened PTP Consulting, Inc.  There were two clients, maybe 3? …and I was ready to roll.  I was out from under the rules of big business to become the entrepreneur I felt I was meant to be.  Yay!
Early on, I hired a top-notch safety expert Joe DeMarco.  Side by side, we expanded our capabilities to serve the regulated community.   Trust me – it wasn’t always easy.  But hard work and perseverance has led to hundreds of clients. We have traveled around the country… training, auditing, program development, consulting – doing our part to make a difference.
Looking back at the country’s EHS storyboard, you can observe the positive changes.  Over these past 30 years, EPA and OSHA regulations fueled better conditions for workers and the environment.  Here are some of those standards with which we became proficient:

  • Hazardous Materials Transportation
  • Community Right to Know
  • Title V Air Permitting
  • GHS Standards
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Process Safety Management
  • Stormwater Protection
  • RCRA modifications
  • Silica Standards
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

And now – it’s our Anniversary!  Today, I asked myself, “Self – what would you like to see changed over the next 30 years in this profession?”  And to this I answer….

  • I dream of a world where industry desires to better care for the planet: Planting trees, seeking sustainable fuels, eliminating non-biodegradable plastics.  I would like “waste minimization” to become an exciting topic in industry, not just an afterthought to comply.
  • I dream of a workplace that takes aggressive steps to better minimize worker exposure to dangerous materials. I have seen firsthand the harmful effects of silica, benzene, heavy metals.  Chronic exposures need to be better explained.  Chemical exposures and cancer go together!  Society talks about fighting cancer…how about eliminating the root causes? I am convinced that my dad’s dementia and death at the age of 60 was from metals exposure, such as lead and mercury.  He was a car mechanic.
  • I dream of better instructors stepping up! Using creative means to get the message across.  I sometimes clown around to get the point across.  Successful trainers tell stories and incorporate demonstrations.   I would gladly explain to anyone wanting to teach that…Canned Videos and “Death by PowerPoint” is not teaching.    Yeah – we do Zoom live customized training now, but nothing replaces face to face learning!
  • I dream of a workplace filled with better communicators. Building relationships between the ranks.  Open conversations between employers and employees where all parties take time to listen and quit hurrying to get things done.  Listening more than speaking – most people have not mastered that.  Most accidents happen because of short cuts or lack of communication.

30 years from now, will the workplace be in better shape than it is now?  Will the planet be in a better shape?  Whether I am alive or not makes no difference to me, but maybe by writing this down, someone else can fulfill these dreams of mine.
By the way, PTP did not go out of business during the pandemic.  We are surviving.  But it did give me time to reflect, and I thank God for this fantastic career.
And now, I need to get back to work.  My clients are waiting ????.
Carol Brozosky, CHMM, CIT,   President of PTP Consulting, Inc.

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