Are You Prepared For The New OSHA?

OSHA has shifted its emphasis from voluntary assistance programs to enforcement, and the inspectors are out in full force.

How can a manufacturing company be proactive about compliance?  It comes down to practical training.  Employers need to train their workforce – especially supervisors – on being able to spot hazards in the workplace and recognize unsafe work practices.  And do something about it.  Daily.

The Instructor led OSHA Outreach 10 hour safety training program can demonstrate a proactive commitment to safety.  We use experienced instructors that teach in ways that the participants can relate.  We cover all of the basics: PPE, LOTO, Electrical, Hazard Assessments.  We explain how to handle an OSHA inspection.   Most important, we can tailor the training to your specific needs.

The best way to learn is through good instructor led training that involves dialog and hands on activities.  Do you agree?  OSHA does – in fact, they are no longer approving any new computer based OSHA training outreach programs. This is because it has been shown that learning retention is far higher in a hands-on classroom setting, especially when the classes in question are being directed by experts in the field. There is literally no substitute for experience and first-hand knowledge.

Another benefit of the classroom setting for OSHA Outreach is that it enables students to get feedback on what they have learned, ask questions, and gain insight they might otherwise never have the opportunity to get elsewhere.

Let our experts guide you and help you get the training you need, so you’ll be fully prepared in any workplace setting, in any situation.

Another note:  Being proactive helps abate fines.  Beware!  In 2016, the OSHA maximum penalties were adjusted by nearly 80% from 1990, and the adjustment will continue based on CPI (Consumer Price Index). This of course is to deter negligence in training and to ensure a more strengthened, intelligent workforce that can handle problems at multiple levels. OSHA is strictly enforcing these new fines, so it’s crucial you get the training that is required, so you are in full compliance with local and federal laws.

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