A: There are other accreditations for engineering, safety, etc. – but this is one of the only hazardous materials management accreditations that is nationally recognized. It is an invaluable achievement for EHS professionals. By becoming a CHMM Professional, you join a local and large national network of CHMM professionals for education, continued professional development and shared resources.


Q: Who does this accreditation benefit?

A: Environmental and safety professionals who seek recognition for their high level of experience, competence and education in the diverse field of HAZMAT.


Q: Do I need a college degree to take this exam?

A: For those that do not have a BS degree, there is a different, and equally important certification that we will help you prepare for: the Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) accreditation. The CHMP credential marks a standard of proficiency for front-line hazardous materials workers.   You need a minimum of 5 years work experience.  PTP’s CHMM Review Course will also help you pass that exam.


Q: Do I need to be approved to sit for the CHMM Exam prior to taking this review course?

A: Absolutely not! Some attend just for a good overview of EHS regulations. Others take the review course 1-2 months prior to their exam date.


Q: Who is the instructor?

A: On behalf of the Mid-Atlantic CHMM Chapter, PTP Consulting, Inc. provides the scheduling and arrangements to attend this training program. Carol Brozosky, CHMM CET is a dynamic, experienced instructor, who was certified in 1991. She focuses this training program on the goal of helping attendees pass the exam. She is also a certified EHS Instructor through NESHTA, and comes highly recommended. References provided upon request.


Q: How successful are students who take this class in passing for the exam?

A: We have been providing this class since 1997, and have a lengthy history of success. We constantly improve our class based on feedback from participants. Call for references.


Q: How many questions are on the exam?

A: CHMM – 140 questions.  CHMP – 120 questions.


Q: Do I need to purchase the CHMM HAZMAT Manual?

A: No – this manual is sold separately through the Alliance of CHMM’s (go to ). It is useful, and can serve to augment PTP’s training manual that we will provide to you in this training class.


Q: How do I arrange to sit for the exam?

A: This is independent process and must be handled separately through the IHMM, at Or call them at (301) 984-8969. Please do not send applications or exam fees to PTP Consulting.


Q: Once approved, where and when do I sit for the exam?

A: There are hundreds of test centers through-out the country – and several in NJ, DE and PA. Once your application is approved, you will be notified of test taking centers from which you can choose.