Graduate and Jooin the Environmental Health and Safety Field

PTP provides qualified instructors to teach the HAZMAT transportation requirements for shippers, under the DOT regulations, 49 CFR §172.700.

DOT does not require specific contact hours for instruction but they do require training on the following:

• General Awareness
• Function Specific
• Safety and Emergency Response
• Security

Based on the activities of HAZMAT employees at your facility, this training program can range from a 2 hour to 8 hour class. Based on your needs, we can propose solutions for in-house or off-site training.

Come find out what’s new under 49CFR HAZMAT Shipping! This course meets the requirements of HM-126F, 49CFR §172.700. We cover General Awareness and Function Specific Training, including classification, labeling, marking, placarding, packaging, loading and unloading, shipping papers, emergency response and security. This class serves both initial ad refresher training requirements. Cost includes a copy of the 49 CFR §100-185, DOT labeling/ placarding charts, other hand-outs. Maintain your certification as a HAZMAT Shipper. Remember – training records are typically the first thing a HAZMAT inspector from DOT reviews. Make sure your training is current by meeting the 3 years refresher requirement. Certificates are issued upon successful completion.