Ready to Graduate and Join the Work Force in the Environmental, Health and Safety Field?

Did you know that most graduates cannot work for an Environmental consulting or Remediation firm right out of college because they lack the required HAZWOPER certifications? Currently in South Jersey, there are over a 100 jobs currently listed online that require both a degree and HAZWOPER certification. Yet many college graduates are unprepared to meet these requirements.  Some colleges don’t offer the certification or even inform students of the necessity.

Join Environmental, Health, and Safety Work Force

Our clients have asked us to spread the word in the hopes of helping tomorrow’s Environmental professionals become better prepared. Professionals already holding their certification are more likely to be considered first for available jobs. It’s clear from our discussions with clients that if you don’t have your HAZWOPER certificate, you are missing out!

With environmental studies and career paths on the rise you need a competitive edge to standout. Did you just spend thousands of dollars for a college degree in Environmental and Safety?   Here’s a tip – for around $600 – you can boost your resume and rise to the top! We’re offering a 20% Discount for college students or recent grads to help you put the final touch on your resume with HAZWOPER certification. Contact us for more information or see our upcoming classes here:

The Benefits of HAZWOPER Certification

It’s not just about getting the rubber stamp that says you can obtain a job in your field. HAZWOPER and related environmental consulting fields are highly technical and always changing. This means that you’re always going to be learning something new and acquiring hands-on skills and adapting to new laws and regulations. To put it simply, you’re not going to learn everything you need to know by getting your degree alone.

Trained professionals in the HAZWOPER field, directly imparting their experience and technical know-how in a class setting for the purpose of being HAZWOPER certified is something you can’t get anywhere else. Employers in the field are looking for well-rounded and knowledgeable employees who know the regs and the pulse of the industry, and are actually certified to work in the field. Sometimes, when applicants for environmental consulting jobs come right out of college looking for a job without certification, it puts the burden of handling certification on the employer, and some won’t even bother looking at your resume. In some instances, a HAZWOPER certification is desired above everything else, because this is what the government requires in order to work in the field.

In other words, they want to know if you have what it takes, and are actually prepared to meet the demands of the field. By getting your HAZWOPER certification, you’re telling prospective employers that you are on top of your game, understand the industry, and are responsible for your progress in the field. Not only is it a powerful check to add to your resume and get employers to take a second look at you, you are affirming your understanding of what you learned in college in a real world situation, as well as bringing more to the table that employers are looking for.

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