October Fire Safety and Prevention Month

Although the official Fire Prevention week is October 8-12, we at PTP join the entire US fire service teams and recognize October as fire prevention month!

Fire prevention is usually conveyed to the public with an emphasis on residential housing and educating elementary students. The effort by fire departments throughout the country has certainly made an impact on fire safety in the home. Unfortunately, the manufacturing and industrial worlds rarely interact with the fire service in non-emergency settings.

PTP would like you to take time this October to focus on fire prevention and loss in your workplace.

Did you know?  Every year there is an average of 102,000 non-residential fires causing 1,425 injuries, 77 deaths and $3 billion in property damage. Many of these fires are contributed to carelessness, the misuse of materials and products, and poor maintenance.

Other common causes include electric distribution and lighting, heating equipment, dust and fumes, and flammable/combustible liquid handling.

A safe work environment is just as important as a safe home environment. Prevention is the key to success. Complacency is often a contributor to fire and other emergencies. We’ve talked about creating a Safety Culture, this is a big part of maintaining a safe work environment. Awareness and training can significantly reduce the risk to life and property damage.

So where do you start? A fire safety assessment of your property will provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth evaluation of your facility. Get in the habit of doing a routine assessment at least annually to identify risk areas and keep fire safety habits in the forefront of your workforce’s attention. Inspectors are out in force so it’s a good idea to take proactive measures before receiving expensive fines.

If you need help developing your fire safety plan or want to get prepared for your fire inspection we can assist. Our fire safety professionals will unveil deficiencies in housekeeping, production and manufacturing safety, egress patterns and maintenance, placarding and labeling, and combustible waste storage and discarding.

Please contact us with your questions and schedule your on-site fire safety assessment for October!


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