OSHA recently announced their revised Penalty Structure for 2022. 

OSHA has been authorized to adjust their penalties to reflect the annual increase to inflation on an annual basis.  It should be understood that for each classification of violation, the amount shown is the maximum penalty that can be applied for the type of violation cited.  Typically, first time citations that do not result in a serious injury or fatality but have the potential to cause a serious injury, are cited as serious violation which carry a maximum penalty of $14,502.

If a violation of the same standard is observed in a subsequent inspection within a 5 year period, it can be cited as a repeat or willful violation which carries a maximum penalty of $145,027 per violation.  With inflation running around 7% this year, a significant increase in the penalty structure can go into affect in January 2023.  A small investment in accident prevention can help a company avoid high monetary penalties and help promote a positive safety culture. 

Lastly, as a reminder, don’t forget to post your OSHA 300 Log Summary from February 1, 2022 to May 1, 2022.

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Joe DeMarco, Vice President, PTP Consulting, Inc

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