Putting SMART Drones to Work For You

There’s a new craze that’s been sweeping the country lately, enjoyed by everyone from professional photographers to hobbyists and everyone in between: drones. These ingenious little machines are becoming the next big thing, as companies rush to discover their wide range of applications. Already huge companies like Google and Amazon are spending fortunes in the research and development of drones.

It is already being said that drones are going to become an integral part of everyday life in many sectors of society – from having groceries delivered, to filming sports events, to sending in first aid to people in natural disaster situations. They are even being used in the real estate market to properly assess the value of homes.

The perfect mix of affordability, convenience, and functionality, drones are set to revolutionize entertainment and business over the next decade. It’s clear that there are literally hundreds of different applications a drone can be put to task for, which opens up the question, can drones be used for environmental health and safety purposes?

Drones Will Revolutionize EHS

For most of us, when we think about drones, we think about invasion of privacy, or the delivery of packages flying overhead and ending up on our porch. But there are some very interesting applications with which smart drones can assist the EHS profession.

– have you considered drone camera inspections for PSM audits?

– how about site inspections to assist with a due diligence Phase 1 assessment?

– and when it comes to preparing or responding to a spill emergency, which would you rather use for recon… an employee in Level A PPE or a drone camera?

Clearly, drones are already becoming a boon to the EHS industry niches. Safety inspections, assessments, audits, emergency protocols, just about every aspect of EHS is set to change because of the versatility and affordability of drones. One of their best uses is simply mitigating risk to actual persons in the field. With the use of drones, safety regulations will be changed dramatically, as people won’t have to be put in harms way nearly as much. Already there is a huge consumer and government push to get licensed drone pilots into the EHS field for this very reason, and PTP is already on top of it. We have drone pilots ready to assist with all of  the above and more.  Contact us for more information.

Because drones are a new tech and thus are constantly evolving, it takes professionals with a certain level of experience and skill to stay on the edge of the industry. Drones are evolving almost as fast as cell-phones were in the late 2000s, with changes and new features coming out nearly every month. PTP has invested time and resources into staying ahead of the pack and embracing drone usage in EHS as soon as it become apparent that this was going to revolutionize the profession. We’re now proudly on top as a leader in EHS drone industry.

If you are interested in employing drone camera inspections or assessments of any kind for your business, please feel free to reach out to us.


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