William Schober, Wellness Consultant

For over 25 years, Mr. Schober has served as both a volunteer and professional entertainer, through venues such as meetings, school events, hospitals, elderly care homes and fund-raising benefits, both locally and internationally.   He is recognized on a national level for his ability to make people laugh through clowning.  While some conjure up an image of a white faced or circus clown, his award-winning line of entertainment is more often compared to the Red Skeleton style clowning entertainment.  Mr. Schober is currently the World Clown Association- American Mid-Atlantic Regional Director.  He serves as chaplain of MACA (Mid-Atlantic Clown Association) and is also president of a local volunteer clown entertainment chapter.  His experience is coupled with training at the American Clown Academy, No-Joe Circus Caring Clown, LLC, World Clown Association, and Mid-Atlantic Clown Association.  Mr. Schober, known as “Shobo da Clown” has won awards on a local and national level.  But more important – he brings energy, compassion and humor to his profession.

As a workplace wellness consultant, Mr. Shober brings his experience to the corporate realm in two ways:

  • LAUGHTER Yoga Leader – this relatively new concept is doing wonders to combat stress in the workplace. He is a trained Laughter Yoga leader, and leads sessions that last anywhere from 30-45 minutes long.  These sessions are a perfect opening for a weekly safety meeting, corporate meetings and conferences.
  • Customized Safety and Wellness Presentations – if safety and compliance meetings are becoming routine, boring and ineffective, then Mr. Schober and company can help drive your objectives home with humor. Our skits run from 20 minutes to an hour presentation.  Example topics include but are not limited to:
    • Wearing respirators
    • Combatting loneliness in the workplace
    • Slips trips and falls
    • Minimizing waste
    • Conflict resolution