Celebrating 28 Years…Our Story

Back in the 90’s, a shy mother of three was looking for a way to raise her family and have a meaningful career as an engineer. Carol Brozosky decided to break out on her own and leave the relative safety of her industry career to open her own business. After thriving in an industry still adjusting to women in the field it was risky to start over, but she forged ahead. Can you picture our engaging, friendly Carol as ever being shy???

“Part Time Professionals” (PTP) as it was originally known, was to be a place where engineering professionals seeking flexibility in their work schedules could work part time.   A part time engineering career was unheard of then, but she built this business seeking balance in her own life and to help others do the same.

In the early 90’s We grew slowly and our work focused on environmental compliance.  Things really changed in 1993 when top safety professional Joseph DeMarco left his career and joined forces with us.  With her engineering skills and his expertise in industrial work safety, our services exploded.  HAZMAT transportation and HAZMAT spill response was, and still is today, our banner training programs.  These two “first generation” environmental safety and health professionals set out to provide excellence, and became popular trainers and trusted consultants in the industry.

Training Carol never saw herself standing in front of a group of workers to teach, but Joe’s dynamic teaching techniques and encouragement influenced her to try.   Now, not only does she teach professionally, she excels at a job she loves and has served as a speaker at numerous national conferences.  Not stopping there, she often works weekends to train volunteers with disaster work and received an award for her volunteer work with Superstorm Sandy.  She supports private, public, nonprofits and government accounts all over the United States.

We are going strong and happy to celebrate 28 years! We appreciate all of our clients in the tri-state area and thank you all for your continued support. There’s no slowing down as we continue to deliver innovation to clients with our newest service: Commercial Aerial Drone Services truly the next frontier in operations and EHS.   Much has changed over the years, but our ability to beat client expectations has not. Congratulations Carol, Joe and our team!


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